Sedation Dentistry

When you suffer from dental anxieties and fears, it can make even the most routine visit to the dentist difficult. Many patients who suffer from this debilitating fear, sometimes calledΒ dentophobia, will avoid the dentist at all costs, only visiting when the pain is more significant than their fear. Some will even go so far as to endure painful toothaches and dental conditions, causing it to get exponentially worse by refusing treatment.

The good news is there is a revolutionary procedure offered atΒ ArtLab DentistryΒ to combat these fears calledΒ sedation dentistry. Also known asΒ relaxation dentistry,Β sedation dentistryΒ was created for those who feel anxiety at the thought of seeing a dentist by using safe methods to help you relax while undergoing dental treatment. The best part of all is, unless the treatment calls for general anesthesia, you will be awake and conscious during the treatment, just relaxed with the safe use of mild sedatives.

In addition to overcoming anxiety,Β sedation dentistryΒ is used when one suffers from toothaches, headaches or TMJ disorders who find anesthesia ineffective or for those who simply want a painless and pleasant experience.

Meet Dr. Mamaly Reshad & Dr. Arman Torbati

Dr. Mamaly ReshadΒ chose to take his education and expertise in dentistry to a whole new level when he earned his DDS from the King’s College of London and continued his education to earn a masters degree with distinction. He strives to deliver the best to his patients and proved it by then training an additional three years in advanced prosthodontics at the USC School of Dentistry. He brings his extensive knowledge and expertise to all his patients with a gentle, caring hand. He understands that dental work can be frightening and uncomfortable and that is why he has worked hard to deliver quality sedation dentistry.

β€œI am very pleased to have discovered Dr. Reshad. I started working with him few months ago. He is very caring and he takes the time to listen to my concerns. His office has the latest equipment and is very knowledgeable. There is nothing like knowing that you are working with someone who is the best at what they do. If you meet him I think you will find that too. I will surely recommend him!”
--- J.R.

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