Receding Gums – Ninnete

Ninnete is a perfect example of proper planning, communication, and execution. Her treatment involved a team of specially skilled and experienced specialists led by Dr. Reshad at ArtLab Dentistry.


Ninnete’s chief complaint was that her gums had receded and that her upper front teeth were getting smaller in size, as well as breaking.

Our comprehensive evaluation demonstrated a biological, mechanical, and chemical cause for her problems, and these etiological factors had to be controlled before attempting any treatment. If the cause of the disease was not eliminated, the problem would simply return.

As a specialist in Prosthodontics, Dr. Reshad has had years of training and teaching experience in the diagnostic arts. At ArtLab Dentistry he has developed very specific systems to help diagnose and treat most dental problems with proper long term solutions.

Our comprehensive evaluations showed that Ninnete was brushing too hard and too aggressively. In addition, after a very targeted diet analysis, the cause of her tooth wear was diagnosed as extrinsic acid erosion. Certain foods and the frequency of her intake, along with the aggressive tooth brushing, had damaged both teeth and gums.

The disease was fully controlled before actually starting with any treatment. The second step in our holistic approach was to perform digital smile design (DSD) to achieve, with the help of our very visual patient, exactly the smile that she desired. At ArtLab Dentistry we pride ourselves in our level of finesse in planning beautiful smiles with DSD.

Our master technicians, who are also involved in the planning, created a mock-up and surgical guide to allow all team members, including Ninnete, to understand what treatment was required and how it would appear.

A large gum recession was apparent, and this could only be corrected with gum grafting. Our gum grafting techniques use your own stem cells, and with micro-surgery, allow an ideal and predictable outcome with minimal downtime. The photograph with stitches shows incredible healing at only two weeks, and with minimal discomfort.

After about three months of gum maturation, and based on Ninnete’s direction, a beautiful and long lasting smile was created with minimal preparation veneers. Ninnete has been enjoying her perfect smile since 2006.

"My name is Marigor and I came to Dr. Reshad because my teeth were failing, all my teeth are bad. Dr. Reshad did some reconstruction and look at my teeth now. So nice! Dr. Reshad is really great, an amazing doctor. Thank you Dr. Reshad!"

Los Angeles, CA

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