Failing Implants โ€“ Victor

Victor was having major problems with his failingย implants. He hadย too much bone damage for implants to be done in a normal position. We developed a treatment plan that included rebuilding Victor’s smile with the aid of Cad-Cam Technology.

This technology scans the patient’s mouthย and makes a custom image, a virtual tooth. From there the virtual tooth becomes a real tooth through our advanced milling process.

We have the most advanced scanning and milling technology available and our artistic technicians can create a smile that is strong and natural, and absolutely beautiful.


All-On-4ยฎ Dental Implants

John looks years younger, not just because of the way his teeth look, but also because his skin looks years younger after giving up smoking.

We restored his smile with ourย All-On-4 dental implantsย treatment. We provided fixed provisional restorations maintained during his treatment, which looked great and functioned beautifully all the way through treatment.

John’s new smile is an outstanding bright, white outcome made from the latest technology zirconia teeth. These are particularly strong teeth made fromย monolithic zirconia. This type of zirconia has no additional layering of ceramic over the top, making it very strong. In addition, we incorporated some gold-colored framework to support the zirconia.

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