Dental Implants – THOMAS

Thomas was referred to ArtLab Dentistry by Dr. Jovanovic, a prominent implant and periodontal surgeon. The complexity of his case necessitated a collaboration between our surgical colleague and the prosthodontic team here at ArtLab Dentistry to help this patient reestablish his smile and dentition back where it should be.

Thomas – after restoration

Solution: All-On-4® Dental Implants

Thomas came to us with a collapsed bite and teeth in very poor condition. His bite was so collapsed that the upper teeth were touching the lower gums and his lower teeth were touching the roof of his mouth. His bite was so collapsed that his chin-to-nose distance was severely reduced.

Not only did Thomas need teeth, but he also needed his collapsed bite addressed. During the temporary phase of his treatment, the very same day as his implant surgery, Dr. Reshad was able to open his bite and provide the teeth that he needed during his treatment. This was done utilizing our one-hour immediate loading technique to very quickly make an attractive restoration and provide Thomas with provisional restorations on his implants. This technique is all shown very nicely in the video below.

After a few months of healing, we started fabricating his final restorations,  improving on the shape, form, and color of his provisionals to perfectly suit his needs.

The final restorations were made with layered zirconia. Zirconia is a very attractive and durable material with a beautiful translucency in color.

Thomas suffers from bruxism, parafunction, grinding and clenching, which makes zirconia the perfect choice of material for his restorations because of it’s extreme durability and strength.

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