Badly Placed Implants – Maria

Maria presented toΒ Dr. ReshadΒ with a severe problem associated with badly placedΒ implants, poorly positioned gum lines, irregular gum margins, infected front teeth, and pain (fig. 0-3). She was embarrassed about the appearance of her front temporary teeth and did not feel that she was receiving the highest level of care. The left and right sides of her smile were totally different. After some online research, Maria foundΒ ArtLab DentistryΒ to solveΒ her dental issues once and for all.


Dr. ReshadΒ performed a comprehensive evaluation of Maria’s situation and all of the treatment was planned and designed at the outset. Figure 4 shows how we use a patient approved wax-up to create precision-milled CAD CAM surgical guides for optimal implant placement. Maria needed moreΒ implantsΒ in the front of her mouth to further stabilize her smile and increase longevity.

At ArtLab Dentistry we are consistently on a daily basis providing highly aesthetic and functional care for our patients, and we hope to treat you with the level of care you deserve.

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At ArtLab Dentistry we have the unique combination of skill, attention to detail, and foresight to be able to envision the final outcome before treatment has commenced. No irreversible act is performed until all of the esthetic are approved by our patients.

In this case, Maria had the opportunity to evaluate the wax-up on the model. The smile design is performed on a stone model and presented to the patient (fig. 3-4). Figure 3 shows how the patient presented to us and figure 4 shows how we planned to improve her smile. The wax-up serves as a tool for making beautiful provisional restorations for our patients for further objective evaluation (fig. 5-9). Dr. Reshad is one of the few Prosthodontists in the country that can perform all aspects of the laboratory steps themselves. This allows full clinical control of your treatment.

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Figure 10 shows Dr. Reshad’s unique pontic development technique to create new papilla and natural gum contours that had been previously destroyed. In this case, the majority of the gum that was lost due to infections was brought back and maintained.

Figure 11 shows the creation of a perfect smile for a patient that presented with major damage to her smile and front teeth and gums. Maria recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of her smile created by Dr. Reshad.


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