All-On-4 Dental Implants – Elizabeth

Elizabeth came to Artlab Dentistry after receiving dental implant treatment at one of the largest All-on-4 centers in the country. She came all the way from San Francisco, in tears, in despair, and completely disappointed with the way her new teeth looked and functioned.

In addition to the subpar restoration, she had been traumatized by the video she was forced to watch in an attempt to convince her to borrow even more money from family and friends to pay for the treatment, even though money was not a limiting factor for Elizabeth. Her only concerns for seeking treatment in the first place were related to esthetics and function – and her concerns were completely ignored.

Elizabeth’s first treatment was an All-on-4 restoration made with Zirconia. This all sounded good on paper but it was not the right treatment for Elizabeth. The treatment was not customized for her personal needs and it was an immediate failure.

First Treatment a Failure

There were two main issues for Elizabeth after her initial restoration. She appeared to have large spaces in the back of her mouth, because her new teeth did not go all the way back. Having spent a large sum on an implant reconstruction, she was never told that she would be left with large “gappy teeth” with all the back teeth missing and not even enough teeth with which to chew. In addition, food was getting stuck under the bridge after every meal. The clinic had gotten her money and then lost interest in her and dismissed her concerns.

They treated Elizabeth based on their own limitations and not the patient’s needs. That is why her first treatment was a failure.

First clinic treatment xray (left), and after xray with dental implants placed in zygoma and pterygoid bones at ArtLab Dentistry.

(Surgical support by Dr. Alexandre-Amir Aalam.)

Finding a Solution

With proper treatment planning and design at ArtLab Dentistry we were able to establish the reason her first treatment failed. It was because the previous clinic was not able to place implants in the more complex area of posterior maxilla. Advanced specialist training and years of experience are required to treat such complex cases with limited or no bone in the back of the upper jaw.

At ArtLab Dentistry we are one of the few clinics worldwide that has the ability and skills to place and restore upper jaws with no jaw bone. We use bone from different areas of the skull to make up for missing bone in your jaws.

Elizabeth received implants in the Zygoma (cheek) bones and the pterygoid bone – a bony region in the back of the mouth.

Dental implants placed in zygoma and pterygoid bones at ArtLab Dentistry. (Surgical support by Dr. Alexandre-Amir Aalam.)

Provisionals in One Day

At ArtLab Dentistry all of our full-mouth cases are made with the most advanced scanning and milling technologies. Teeth are made in a day all in our in-house lab with a milling machine. That means it is precise and fits like a glove.

Within one day of the implant surgery, we delivered full mouth provisional restorations for Elizabeth. At 4 months we incorporated changes to the provisionals that Elizabeth required. And finally, at 6-9 months we completed her treatments with very little time spent in the dental chair.

Improved Form, Function, and Quality of Life

It is clear from the video and photos how pleased Elizabeth is with her new smile.

She can now chew properly and for someone this young we have provided her with a beautiful, bright, and natural smile.

We wish that all patients would take the appropriate care in researching where they can receive bespoke dental care provided by the highest level specialists.

Our specialist doctors at ArtLab Dentistry each have 30 years of experience and look forward to welcoming you at Artlab Dentistry.

Elizabeth's First Look

View the short clip below to see Elizabeth’s reaction to her beautiful new smile.

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